It starts in person.

Buying or selling, single-family or duplex, tiny home or yurt: Right out of the gates, what's most important to us is taking the time to get to know you and giving you the chance to kick it with us in the real world before committing to anything. There have been frequent Bortel & Co. sightings at numerous coffee shops in Minneapolis, Saint Paul, and the surrounding 'burbs... but we're also big fans of wine bars, libraries, rooftop fondue fountains, open-air brewpubs, underground speakeasies, and generally meeting you at your favorite go-to spot, wherever that might be.


Let's be honest: Helping you find your dream home fills our hearts with swingin' 1920s jazz music. But we also know that might not be what you're looking for—it might be an investment property, or even a "just for now" house while you're getting on your feet or working through a life change. At our first meeting with you, we'll go through our entire home-buying guide, covering every single step of the Bortel & Co. home-buying process and coming away with a clear-cut plan of action. You'll go home with a paper copy of the guide, a smile on your face, a handful of new music recommendations (more than likely), and a chest full of your favorite beverage. You'll want to set aside an hour and a half for this meeting.


The two most common hurdles in home-selling are a.) Making sure your property is prepped accordingly, and b.) Getting up-to-speed with current market data so you can price your home like a pro. It may be that you want to get a professional inspection done before you even list your home—or, instead, you'd rather wait for a buyer inspection so you can review results and make necessary improvements a bit later on. No matter what, we'll sit down with you and give you a verbal overview of the entire Bortel & Co. home-selling process so you know what to expect up front, and that advice will only get more streamlined as we familiarize ourselves with you and your property. You'll walk away knowing that we're in your court, and we're about to make serious tracks in helping you sell. This meeting will take roughly an hour and a half.